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If you’re sensitive to “saucy” language…you might not want to continue reading.

If you’ve decided to stay…

Hey there. MJ here. I’m a real estate agent in Georgia. And I’m pretty fucking good at it.

I write about shit that happens. Shit you don’t see on the TV shows.

The stories you’ll read are real. Only the names have been changed to protect the participants.

Some of the stories will be told because they’re funny. Some because they’re not. But all will have a lesson.

It’s up to me to share those lessons. It up to you whether you use them or not.

I’ll do my job…you do yours.

Another Warning

I try to focus exclusively on the stories and lessons from those stories. I’ll sometimes brush on legal issues. When that happens you SHOULD not trade my opinions for appropriate representation. What you read here is for entertainment on topical real estate issues.






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